Meet the Team

Ron & Diane Monroe

Ron & Diane Monroe

Founders & Trainers


ryan & stacey

Ryan & Stacey Wressell

Vice President & Trainers



Ron earned his DD-214 serving in the U.S. Military Police Corps as a K9 handler. For more than two decades, Ron and his wife Diane have trained dogs and facilitated meaningful relationships between families and their dogs. Mission Six Service Dogs was born from a blending of their skills and their admiration and commitment to our veterans.

Ryan and Stacey, who have always been passionate about animals and have spent the past fifteen years fostering and training dogs. They have also been very involved in advocating for local veterans groups in their community.

It is this mutual love for helping our veterans and training dogs that brought this team together. They have been able to accommodate twice as many veterans in need of service dogs than before.

Mission Six Service Dogs is more than a nonprofit organization. They are built firmly on the conviction of God, Family, Community and Liberty. These sound beliefs are what drives their Mission!

Next Steps...

If you are a disabled veteran in need of a service dog, a breeder interested in providing dogs, a family who wants to foster a young dog, a business owner in search of service dog training for your staff , a disabled person in need of certification, or a potential sponsor/donor. 
It takes a community of people to help our heroes.