John Williamson & K9-Liberty

John is a US Navy Veteran who has found peace and healing since receiving his service dog Miss Liberty. John’s story with Mission Six began in 2019 and in July of 2020 John took Liberty home. Though the transition of becoming a handler was met with a few bumps in the first few months, this team overcame it and now without a doubt are a amazing pair.

John Williamson with K9-Liberty

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  1. My heart aches every time I read about another person with a beautiful heart going through what they go thru. They gave up their own lives for other to come back to what they thought is home and finding out to be worse than where they had been deployed to. I applaud this that you are doing for them, I really do and promise as many times GOD puts you and them in my heart to say a prayer for their lives, their families and for yours too.

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