John Williamson & K9-Liberty

The journey begins with finding the right fit for liberty, We have been searching the last few months and think we have finally found it. John is a great man and veteran of the US Navy. Please join us on johns journey of recovery and learning with k9-Liberty.

John Williamson with K9-Liberty

Please Support John and Liberty any way you can share our fundraising efforts on face book and anywhere else you can. He fought for our freedom. Wont you give for his Liberty.

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  1. My heart aches every time I read about another person with a beautiful heart going through what they go thru. They gave up their own lives for other to come back to what they thought is home and finding out to be worse than where they had been deployed to. I applaud this that you are doing for them, I really do and promise as many times GOD puts you and them in my heart to say a prayer for their lives, their families and for yours too.

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